Paul Hussell’s trailer the day before the exhibition.

l would like to profoundly thank Paul Hussell for opening the doors of his house for the exhibition and also for his unconditional support, his human warmth and for being my first client in England. I would like to extend my gratitude to all of his family for being so open and for their affection for me and my work.

Paul Hussell and Fabian Marcovich setting up Parallel Worlds

I would also like to thank the Watson family for their hospitality, their generous disposition in providing the prime material for my sculptures, a workshop to be able to make them and their support.

Oliver Watson’s Tractor that helped move all the heavy stuff.

To the workers at Riverford Farm in particular John the head of the workshop, Adrian the tractor driver and the others for their care and support helping me spontaneously with any need I may have had.

Fabian in the workshop at Riverford Farm

Thanks to Miguel Valentini, an angel sent by God, who generously shared his tools within 24 hours of meeting him in the street, and who stood me in good stead over the months by sharing his knowledge as a sculptor with me, helping me put bases on the pieces and becoming a good friend.

Miguel Valentini at work
Sculpture by the master Miguel Valentini

And finally, the desert for the end, I would like to thank Julia Robinson for pushing me to trust in my capabilities as an artist, supporting me by developing the web page, for taking such wonderful photos for the web, for translating and for accompanying me with her love every day during the whole process.


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