But what is Art?

Art is like looking into the still pond of life. Art and living – reflections of each other. So when Fabian decided to not return to his old ‘norm’ of living but to adventure into the unknown, into a life that has no images, no security, no knowing, he also delved further into what it is to be an artist, to connect with his art.

For what is Art?

I believe, as a writer and poet, that art as a product, is the final souvenir of a journey, and that the true Art is the process.

And you can ask, what is the process? It is a wandering within, away from the known, away from what we know of ourselves, to let loose the bonds of our mind maps of our self images, to venture into a place where we simply do not know.

A compatriot of Fabian, the Argentinian Bernando Nante, once said, ‘Dios es donde vos no sos’ (God is where you are not). One can say the same about the journey of Art. We go where we are not. Where we do not have the tools to control, to where our egos dissolve and we become flow.

Everyone has their own art form. Everyone goes into ‘Art’ through different channels. There are so many paths up the mountain. So many ways deeper into ourselves.

What is the destination?

Anyone who says without question, doesn’t know. But what appears to be reliable sign posts that you are on your own path, is that time becomes plastic and may even disappear for a ‘time’. You may come up from out of your art only to find that hours have disappeared…sometimes days.

Another sign is the feeling of fulfilment of having created ‘something’ inside,  space, a sense of having something that cannot be touched, nor named, but is nourishing, that shines out of your eyes, that gives energy (even if you are exhausted after so many hours of concentration). You feel alive.

And, I believe the journey of Art, is the journey closer and closer to the all encompassing plane of Love.

But what is this thing (or verb) called Love?

If anyone tells you in no uncertain terms what love is: they do not know.

But when I see Fabian work, when I see the results of his journey, when I hear him talk, when I feel him shifting the baserock of his being and becoming freer and freer, when I see the shine sparkling out of his eyes, I know that he has been on his artistic journey – that he is creating his art.

For not only does it shine through his eyes, it shines through his pieces.

And this ‘capture’ in a certain form of what we do not know what it is, nor can name, nor can claim to be ‘ours’, but that at certain level we all recognise, is true Art.

Written with love for Fabian Marcovich
by Julia Robinson
on Saint George’s Day, 23rd April 2018.


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