Creative Process

Origin Material of Samurai Spirit

How does a piece begin? The first step is a search in nature’s woods and rivers for the prime material. Uprooting or diving down for the pieces and bringing them back into the light of the workshop. They are often remote places with difficult access.

Once the piece is ready to be worked upon, the relationship with Time becomes intertwined within the essence of the work. There is the obvious time while sculpting, co-creating shapes – human with Nature – but more than that is a deep observation which is an integral part of the subtlety of the work itself. The pieces are a manifestation of this process: how to detain oneself in space, in time, in order to encounter hidden beauty?

Once the work has been crafted and the beauty has become salient, the final object is an offering to observe, to sink into the slowing and opening of Time.

The techniques used are based on manual work and simple technology. The finishes are all based on natural oils and waxes. Marcovich however spends the majority of his time manually sanding pieces which induces a deeply relaxed and expansive state of mind. This is evident on viewing his work: Objects that Express (our true) Nature.